About Us



Citizens of Planet Earth – [C.O.P.E.] a local NGO in Belize, Central America. Our focus for the establishment of an institution in Information Technology – I.T. started back in 1994. After a letter of approval was granted to us by the Ministry of Education in Belize, the formulation of the mission and vision was birthed.

The objective has always been to focus on accredited university coursework programs. When the opportunity came about several years later in the form of e-Learning series, we instantly gravitated toward a friendly partnership with e-Learning Center. In early 2001, we started offering free online e-learning courses to participants in Belize. During a three year period, we met with hundreds of professionals who took the free courses and were able to advance their I.T. skills in the workplace.

The challenge thereafter was to secure payment on the regular courses. Coming from an emerging economy, where access to the internet or a credit card became an everyday agenda made life a bit challenging. Therefore, all expenses of $150K were sponsored from personal funds. However, there was never a moment that entertained the idea of quitting. The momentum of getting individuals trained in I.T. or at least to raise the awareness for the future was very powerful.

Today, as we look back, the future is very promising. We are more mature and skilled in just about every possible way. The investment that was made in the beginning of our venture is now considered a stepping stone for future successes.

Presently, there are a number of projects on hand. The main item that means a lot to us is the Testing Center. Once we are able to capitalize on this venture, all the other projects and ideas will flourish immensely. We have been patient and we do realize the value of such trait. We are at the moment patient still. We encourage the international community to come on board this program and give us that extra jump start that is needed. This is how you may assist us – you can do so by becoming an Adviser to our Crowd-Fund Belize initiative. This project now has the backing of a partnership with Dubli Shopping Mall via a co-branded site that can be visited here: http://cope-ec.com/

You are invited to peruse all our info and to contact us to answer any queries that you may have. Our contact info is Skype: 1-786-600-1165 or you may reach us via our website contact Adviser page: http://crowdfund.belize.cope.edu.bz/projects/mall/ – we look forward to hearing from you.