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Raising funds for any project, idea or not for profit company is always a challenge.  The daily grind of meeting project´s deadline and capitalizing on needed funds is never ending.  However, the joy of day-to-day activities in meeting and conversing with people of like-mind is always one of the greatest benefits of this vocation.

Our job as administrators and directors of this NGO is just beginning.  Take a look at the Project I.T. link on the menu bar and see the scope of our vision.  To accomplish this magnitude of a project, we will need your fusion and involvement.  Feel free to make your voice heard in small or large ways.  There are several options that are readily available for you to make your presence known.  For instance, just click on either the shopping mall button and it will take you to the e-commerce section where you can purchase just about anything online.

Your experience and involvement with us will be one of great appreciation.  On a note of courtesy, we would like to take this time and thank you in advance for your inspiration and encouragement.  Your presence means a lot to us.  Feel free to share this project and website with your friends on all social medias.

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